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Need the perfect gift for family member who has everything?
Have a high-powered client you want to impress with a meaningful gift?
Is there an employee who deserves an extra special bonus as we wrap up the year?

Unique, personal experiences - instead of the gift of more things - have become all the rage. Our team of talented genealogists provide an experience that is the perfect union between the genealogy obsession sweeping the nation and important events in the lives of family members. We follow the genealogical trail to uncover the stars (and scoundrels) in family trees, sharing and documenting their stories as we go - and YOU get to participate in the hunt!

How amazing would it be if you could send them back in time to learn more about their ancestors?
What was it like for great-grandfather to flee conscription in the Czar's army?
How did grandmother survive the deaths of four small children in the influenza epidemic?
Where did great-grandmother's brother disappear to when he set out to make his fortune in the West?

We can't sell you a time machine. But, we've got the next best thing.

We don't just do the genealogy research and then present a coffee table book or a chart to hang on the wall. We meet with family members and allow them to participate in the process of uncovering family stories, proving (or disproving) family legends, and organizing and digitizing important family photos and documents. This could be an experience for an individual or it could be a family event - an opportunity to share family stories to be recorded for future generations.

This gift certificate allows the holder to schedule TWO HOURS with three of the nation's top genealogists. We can use that time to:
  • Make new discoveries about ancestors in the family tree
  • Organize and digitize family photos and keepsakes
  • Answer long-held family history questions
  • Prove (or disprove) family stories
Purchase a gift certificate today for a family member, friend, or client for only $2500 (Sales Tax also added in CA) and for a limited time you will receive another gift certificate for FREE. You can use this additional certificate as another gift or treat yourself. (This limited time BOGO offer expires 31 Dec 2015.)

If you have any questions about this offer before or after purchasing, please email us at or call us at 310-896-8516.

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