What can family history do for you?

You can create stronger bonds to your living family by connecting to your roots. The one thing you share with your family members that you can’t share with anyone else is your family history. Learning about your shared history creates strong bonds and connects family members in a way that is personal and unique to your family. So why is it so important to learn about your history and share it with those closest to you?

Understanding and Emotional Healing. If you haven’t found someone in your family history who is a scoundrel, you need to keep looking. Understanding family trends and how they play through the generations can help us heal and deal with family members in a more compassionate and understanding way.

Realizing Potential. Likewise, if you haven’t found a personal hero in your family who accomplished amazing things, keep looking. Knowing about those heroes helps you conquer your own challenges in life and can give you and your family members a sense of resilience and control over the world around you.

Grounded and Enveloped in Love. Knowing about the sacrifices your ancestors made helps you appreciate the good life that you have now.

Spiritual Serendipity. Family history work of all kinds is often filled with serendipitous events. No matter what your world view is, collecting your family history will bring you miraculous happenings that will leave you with a sense of awe, as if your ancestors were helping you with your search.

Wisdom and a Broad Perspective. Learning about family history can help you keep in mind that you aren’t just the sum of your current life issues, but gives you the broader perspective of a life, and even generations of lives. Knowing that your ancestor’s decisions affected your life, where you were born and the opportunities you have, helps you understand that the decisions you make will ultimately affect future generations.